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The cold of winter is often associated with a number of ailments, aches, and pains. Chilly, wet weather can make chronic discomforts feel worse, being stuck indoors can contribute to the spread of seasonal illness like the flu, and shorter periods of daylight can make many people feel tired, depressed, and sluggish. That may be why the first signs of spring can feel so invigorating and renewing, at least for some of us. Despite its beauty, the spring season can make many people feel pretty miserable or at least more overwhelmed. CBD may be able to help.

If you run into any of the following springtime woes, CBD may be relevant to easing your discomforts. Just remember, when you look for CBD oil for sale online any time of the year, always check for a CoA and discuss your use with a doctor first. If you’re taking any medications for these or other health issues, it’s very important to ensure that CBD will not pose any conflicts or contraindications.

Seasonal Allergies

One of the most enjoyable parts of spring—the blossoming of flowers and trees—can foster one of the most uncomfortable realities: seasonal allergies. The symptoms of allergies occur due to a dysfunction of the immune system, resulting in a range of allergic reactions. It’s not just pollen that can trigger seasonal allergies; dust from spring cleaning and increased animal dander from shedding pets can also be responsible for many symptoms.

Hay fever, runny eyes, sneezing, coughing, congestion, skin irritation, and inflammation of the sinus, throat, and nasal passages commonly affect people with season allergies. CBD may be able to reduce the inflammation that directly contributes to these symptoms.

One thing to keep in mind before using CBD for allergies is that people who have reactions to hemp and certain grasses could have a negative reaction to hempseed oil and hemp oil CBD products. If you’re unsure whether you have a sensitivity to hemp, consider using a small amount of hemp oil without CBD to see if any irritation or adverse reaction occurs. The hemp oil does not need to include cannabidiol and can be easily sourced from many health food shops and natural markets.

Stress And Insomnia From Changing Schedules

Increased daylight can have many positive effects, particularly for people who find themselves affected by seasonal affective disorder/seasonal depression. But with those extra hours of sunshine, after-school actives, youth sporting events, and outdoor actives will have the kids and grandkids busier than perhaps any other time of the year. That can mean earlier waking times and later bedtimes for them, and an upset of your sleep cycles as a result. With more demands on your time, you may find yourself feeling more stressed and overwhelmed, which can be very difficult if you are prone to depression and anxiety.

CBD’s potential to better regulate sleep, reduce stress, and balance energy levels can provide much-needed support when schedules get fuller and life becomes a little more demanding. If the longer days tend to cause insomnia and you find yourself reaching for melatonin or other OTC sleep aid, CBD may provide a more natural alternative.

Again, if you are taking any anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or other types of medications, speak with your doctor before supplementing any part of your treatment to ensure there is no conflict.

Chronic Pain And More Physical Demands

If you suffer from chronic pain, spring cleaning and yard work could have you feeling more strained than usual. Maintaining your home and garden can amount to sore muscles and joints even if you don’t have a chronic condition. When OTC painkillers and anti-inflammatories don’t keep up, CBD may provide a reliable option that is considered much safer than opioids.

CBD may not be an advisable option for temporary soreness or stiffness affecting the muscles, but if you have a condition like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, or other long-term issues, and you’d still like to be able to keep up with gardening and cleaning, CBD could help curb inflammation and pain with far fewer side effects than many prescription drugs.