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It’s estimated that a quarter of Americans have a fear of flying. Even if you’re not the least bit affected by the worries associated with aviophobia, just getting to and on a plane can provoke a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. Air travel can be a common trigger for panic attacks in many people. It’s no wonder why some travelers have turned to CBD hemp oil to help ease the agitation that frequently accompanies a trip to the airport. But if you want to avoid potential legal issues, you may want to leave your cannabidiol out of your carryon.

Even upon purchasing legal CBD oil for sale, carrying it with you through a U.S. Customs and Border Protection or TSA checkpoint can lead to arrest and even felony charges. This has happened recently in Texas, where federal employees have said that CBD interception rates at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport have shot up significantly in the last year. So if you’re looking for CBD oil for sale in Dallas, you’ll want to make sure you leave it behind before getting anywhere near a security checkpoint.

Although CBD-based arrests and interceptions at airports have not been reported as a nationwide trend, you’ll still want to take note of the risks of carrying cannabidiol when you travel. The 2018 Farm Bill has opened up a lot of doors for hemp-based products, including hemp-derived CBD oil, but protections for use and possession have not been defined in that legislation.

Hemp-derived CBD’s status under federal law and associated travel restrictions, limitations on its use as a food additive, and other specifics remain unclear. CBD is no longer considered a Schedule 1 drug, but the FDA still does not accept hemp-based CBD as a legal food or drug product or additive. Regulations that would define CBD’s legal use remain at a standstill, and that means agencies and authorities, like the TSA, may or may not choose to target travelers carrying any cannabis-derived substances, including CBD,

If you’re seen eating a CBD gummy or applying a small quantity of CBD salve before getting on a flight, this doesn’t mean you’re likely to be carried away in handcuffs. However, if you attract the attention of dogs that are trained to sniff out marijuana or if your product is seized and tests positive for THC, you could end up with serious legal charges on your hands. Even if you’re certain the product you’re using is 100 percent CBD oil without THC, any legal chemical testing that indicates otherwise can get you into trouble in certain situations.

Before you put your bottle of CBD hemp oil into your travel bag, remember that possessing CBD in any federal jurisdiction may carry serious legal risk, even when traveling to or from states that have legalized marijuana. That’s likely to remain the reality until CBD regulations are defined at a federal level.

While carrying CBD with you may not be the best idea, you can still use it to quell your pre-flight anxiety. Taking a well-timed edible CBD capsule, gummy, or similar dosing method can provide a means of slower release and can still help you relax on your flight. So if you’re fortunate enough to get a ride from someone you trust, just make sure you get your dose before entering the airport and leave the rest of your product behind.